[Manœuvres] Voorkamer, Lier (B) 13/10 - 17/11/2013

Jesse Cremers (BE), Stefaan Dheedene (BE), Theo de Feyter (NL), Harmen de Hoop (NL), Andreas Exner (DE), Robert Otto Epstein (US), Benoît Felix (BE), Jerry Galle (BE), John Wood & Paul Harrison (UK), Jin-Kyoung Huh (KR), Indianen (BE), Tim Knowles (UK), Marijn van Kreij (NL), William Lamson (US), Bart Lodewijks (NL), Ane Mette Hol (NO), Tony Orrico (US), Alexandra Roozen (NL), Egill Sæbjörnsson (IS), Koen Sels (BE), David Shapiro (US), Helmut Smits (NL), Ante Timmermans (BE), Joris Van de Moortel (BE), Ger van Elk (NL), Kris Vleeschouwer (BE)

[Manoeuvres] brings together works that resulted from procedures the participating artists did not fully control. Against the grain of a romantic and subjective tradition that is still influential today, the artists consciously chose for a ‘mechanic’ mode of production that, to a certain extent, generates itself.

Instead of starting from a personal style or insights, the works apply all sorts of automatisms and compulsive strategies — ‘manoeuvres’ that work autonomously and engender a certain degree of objectivity. By partly distancing themselves from whatever the final result could be,  the artists ask questions about the laws inherent to the medium they work in, the way a work is received and the unconscious mechanisms that play a role in any production process.


The mechanical starting point of [Manoeuvres] thus takes on many different forms, but what connects the works presented, is that they proceed from random parameters that were decided on beforehand and weren’t abandoned afterwards. Drawings that were literally produced by a machine, copies of thoughtlessly drawn doodles, an installation that builds itself through breaking down, interventions in public space that are defined by the context in which they take place, or performative actions that are limited by what you can do with a body: cut loose from the artist’s subjective standpoint, all these works involuntarily explore their own limits in their own ways.

Saturday Oct. 12 2013 from 8pm with actions by Tony Orrico, Ante Timmermans, & Joris Van de Moortel

Oct. 13 till Nov. 17 2013, open Thu. - Sun.: 2pm - 6pm or by appointment

Voorkamer | artist’s initiative 
H. Geeststraat 7, 
B—2500 Lier
+32 (0) 3 488 62 00



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